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Sell My Car

Sell My Car now for only €1. Ireland's Best Value for Paid Classifieds.

Published: 13 February 2016 | Updated 03 March 2016

We offer the best value for selling your Car on a paid for advertising site in Ireland. Free sites sound like great value but a lot of fake ads are placed on these sites and you will end up geting a lot of junk enquiries and won't sell your car.

sell your car
If you are serious about selling your car place an ad on motormad now for only €1.

We understand the problems with other sites, where it can be difficult to go fast and straight to what you are looking for. Overly cluttered pages and small pictures are a thing of the past. Our site has been set up with ease of use and speed as the most important factor to help your car sell as fast as possible. Sell my car now for cash

€1 per ad

• Online Till Sold • Great Value

Give us a try

Sell My Car

We are also the only classifieds site in Ireland with true full screen pictures, letting potential buyers really get a good look at what you are selling. Focusing on all things motor related we can create a streamlined site dedicated to making it easier to buy and sell your cars vans and campervans.

Other sites try to cover everything, making them bloated and impossible to navigate, so when you are thinking of selling your car or buying a new one, think motormad as your first choice for quality and value. Cheaper, easyier and simplier is what we aim to provide when selling or buying a new or used car. All you need is an email address an phone number and one euro to place an ad on

Simply select the category you wish to place your add. Then add a title and give some details of your ad. Then add some pictures - at least one picture is required to plce an ad. Next enter your contact details and go to yor ad preview. If everything looks ok you can pay and publish your ad. It's as simple as that. Your ad will stay online untill it's sold or untill you wish to remove it.

Many categories have now sold out or are awaiting new ads. We need more people to fill these categories up keep a healthy stock online. Other sites are charging anyting from €8.50 to €139.99 to sell your boat. We think €1 is a fair price. We specialise in the motor related items. Keeping the site simple and easy to find what you are looking for and focusing on one sector of the market.

If you are looking to sell my Car, Van, Campervan, Boat, Motorbike.. Place an ad now for only €1. Give us a try. You might be surprized.

If you need any more information about placing an ad, please visit our help section.

sell my car ireland